Programs & Services

Our Programs

Sisters Helping Sisters Day Program

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Saturday

Sister Jose Women’s Center (SJWC) operates a low-demand daytime drop-in center that provides three meals a day, showers and laundry, clothing and shoes, and personal hygiene products for homeless women. The need for daytime services continues to grow: guest visits average 2000+ each month. More than 1700 hours of volunteers every month keep our services available to women in need. SJWC is a hub of vitally needed services, we provide free space for outside agencies to be where homeless women gather in a warm and supportive community.

We have experienced a 50-100% surge in demand for services over last year.

Program Offerings

  • Safety for women in a pet-friendly center
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Sack lunches from Caridad Community Kitchen
  • Cots, pillows, and blanket for daytime resting
  • Hot showers and personal hygiene
  • Free clothing and shoes
  • New underwear and socks
  • Laundry facilities
  • Visiting Outreach from local agencies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Leisure activities
  • All in a supportive community based on the values of respect, compassion, and dignity


A Safe Place for Women Winter Night Program

In our new facility, we now offer year-round emergency shelter for 36 women every night of the year. Women are offered a safe space for resting and a hot home-cooked meal prepared by our wonderful volunteers. Volunteers also spend the night supervising the program, donating over 840 hours each month. SJWC provides over 13,000 safe overnights each year to homeless women who would otherwise sleep outdoors. Safety and support from staff, volunteers, and each other help women come to believe in their own value as unique human beings who can take the next step forward out of homelessness. SJWC offers women an extended stay in the overnight program so they have the stability from which to do the hard work of moving forward. This includes attaining income stability, employment opportunity, and affordable housing. The overnight program is a launching pad to a self-sufficient life.

CREATE Empowerment Program

In September 2017, SJWC began its pilot empowerment program, CREATE (Confidence, Readiness, Empowerment, Action, Transformation, Engagement) Program for women. CREATE is a 26-week residential program for homeless women who earn a modest stipend while participating in a unique curriculum of life skills, job readiness, creative and expressive arts, wellness, and literacy. Women begin to find their voices and renew their confidence and personal identity while completing tasks vital to moving forward with the support of a coach. The impact of the CREATE Program has been very exciting and inspirational!