Women We Serve

The Women We Serve

The women we serve suffer from problems most of us can only imagine. Some were living a life just like your own until recently. They are our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends.

The women we serve are primarily between the ages of 35 and 65, though women 18 to end-of-life participate. Many women have received diagnoses of severe mental illness, chronic illness, and substance abuse; many have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Homelessness affects women of all races and ethnic backgrounds and our guests reflect that diversity.

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Debbie W.

Debbie W. is smart, personable, and has no permanent home. She attended school in Sierra Vista, and worked as a cashier, in customer relations, and as a housewife. Debbie loves to read; it is her escape, something she learned as a child. Her last permanent home was a small studio in Tucson but when she lost her job the savings she had put aside for a car was soon gone. She found herself evicted in August 2015. Previously, in 2012, her husband of eleven years had left her, taking all but $250. Debbie does not know where he lives and without an address she cannot pursue her legal right to his pension.
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Stacy is easily recognized by her bicycle, trailer, and two dogs and best friends Pancho and Sissy. Her bicycle journey back to Tucson began in Eugene, Oregon. For years Stacy lived in Tucson with her husband who worked as a maintenance man at the apartment building inwhich they lived. Stacy’s mother was ill and when she died things started to fall apart. Her husband lost his job and a good friend was killed. They decided to leave Tucson and headed to North Carolina and then northwest to Oregon.
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