About Us

About Us

For many Tucson women experiencing homelessness Sister Jose Women’s Center (SJWC) is their only safe haven and the first step to recovery from homelessness. We are a Tucson-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2009. Our low-barrier day center provides unaccompanied homeless women with a stable and safe environment to recuperate from the daily struggle of homelessness and extreme poverty. The Winter Night Program provides overnight stays for women who would otherwise be sleeping outside; we provided 1562 overnights last winter. All of this was accomplished through the dedication and hard work of volunteers and university interns – they are the heartbeat of SJWC. We are more than a center; we are a community built upon the values of compassion, dignity and respect in a non-institutionalized setting. For many of our guests we are home.

SJWS Women Served

Our Center is named in honor of Sister (Sr.) Jose Hobday, a Franciscan nun who dedicated her life to helping the poor.

Our Vision

A community where every homeless woman has a safe harbor and a path to a sustainable existence.

Our Mission

The Sister Jose Women’s Center (SJWC) is dedicated to the care and nurture of homeless women within our community. To our sisters without shelter, we provide beds, to those without food, we give nourishment; and to those without purpose, we offer encouragement. We are women reaching out to women with dignity, respect and compassion.


All faiths, all walks of life working for justice.

  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Compassion
  • Board of Directors

    Board President:
    Msgr. Tom Cahalane

    Vice President:
    Msgr. Jeremiah McCarthy

    Executive Director:
    Jean Fedigan

    Board Members:
    Bishop Gerald Kicanas
    Rob Burris
    Kathleen Dehn
    Harriet Kronman
    Aida Samuel
    Tracy Scholz
    Steve Tofel
    Shelley Watson

    Advisory Council

    Len Kronman
    Rabbi Thomas Louchheim
    Mark Mistler
    Jill Rich
    Gabriela Rico
    Helen Schafer
    G. Lawrence Schubart
    Stuart Shatken

    The Women We Serve

    womenservedThe women we serve suffer from problems most of us can only imagine. Some were living a life just like your own until recently. They are our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends.

    The women we serve are primarily between the ages of 35 and 65, though women 18 to end-of-life participate. Many women have received diagnoses of severe mental illness, chronic illness, and substance abuse; many have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Homelessness affects women of all races and ethnic backgrounds and our guests reflect that diversity.